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Lorraine Ayliffe aka WebWoman

 About Lorraine

I have been building Web sites since 1995 — shortly after the internet went public. Prior to that, I owned and operated a desktop publishing business, Freelance Press, where I did layout, typsetting and design of printed materials for individuals, small businesses and printing companies — everything from business cards and brochures to books. I found the transition to working online to be an easy, natural one and converted most of my print clients to Web clients.

For starters, I discovered the Web was an excellent way to save tremendous time and money publishing my magazine, Networking Magazine, which I had been producing in print for five years. So, Networking Magazine became one of the first ezines online. I  continued publishing it on the internet for another five years, until 2000, when I became too busy helping clients with their Web needs, to spend time on the magazine.

And now, affordable animated & whiteboard video options provide a whole new set of opportunities to promote ourselves, our products, our businesses online.

I still manage a domain name for my  first ever Web client, and have others whom I have worked with for many years. Some of their Web sites are represented on the portfolio page. I went through many stages and ways to build Web sites and now use WordPress almost exclusively. In part, because it offers a way for my clients to actually manage their own Web sites themselves, if they wish, with minimal training needed. It is also the most stable, versatile and innovative tool available for this work. Wordpress was born and raised in Austin, Texas and now powers 25% of the internet!

You can find me almost any Wednesday at NWABC (Northwest Austin Business Connections). I invite you to join us from 11:30am to 1:00pm to network, promote your business, and meet an eclectic group of friendly business people. You can visit the NWABC Web site (yes, I did this one, too) to learn more. Make a reservation on MeetUp and get a discount on your meal for your first visit.

You can also find me on FaceBook, or the incredibly helpful Linkedin WordPress Group group online by clicking on share/save bar below, or simply send me an email.

However you do it, please let me hear from you!


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