As WebWoman I have been exploring and learning the dynamics of doing  business online since 1995. My mission has been to share what I learn with other small business owners and individual professionals, helping them create an attractive, useful presence online.

In the last few years, WordPress has tossed a whole new toolbox full of opportunities into the mix. Now we have more effective ways to promote our businesses and products than ever before allowing us to build a solid, productive Web presence and equally strong and satisfying relationships with our clients.

And now, affordable animated & whiteboard video options provide an exciting new way to promote ourselves, our products, our businesses online. Go here to see some promotional videos by


What Genai Ellen Wachs has to say about WebWoman:

“Thanks, Lorraine, for being there at the beginning of my website journey.  For nearly 15 years you have supported me technologically with building a new website, great ideas on how to make it better, watched out for potholes I could fall into, and cheered me on when I felt discouraged. Your enthusiasm and skill has made having a website more fun for me and less fearsome.  Bless you!”

Genai Ellen Wachs,

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